Medical Abortion

Unfortunately, not for all women of the sexes about the pregnancy is joyful news.
Thanks to the achievements in the pharmacological industry for more than a quarter of a century, you can perform abortion at the very beginning of pregnancy without using of surgical methods.

Short History

For the first time successful and safe for a woman, interruption of pregnancy by medicines was performed in the 70s of the 20th century in France. Mifepristone was used for the procedure, which is an antiprogestin. In the early 1980s, large-scale drug studies began in Geneva, and by the end of the decade this method was widely used in Europe. To mifepristone prostaglandins and other pharmacological agents were added.

Today, medical abortion is widely used in medical practice, as it allows to avoid surgical intervention and to hide from the people the fact of the abortion.

Advantages of drug abortion

  • Can be used to interrupt pregnancy at a fairly young age
  • The probability of infection, endometritis and other complications, the formation of adhesions, trauma of the uterus
  • No need for prolonged hospitalization
  • Psychological comfort is achieved due to the fact that after taking the drug there is a process similar to profuse menstrual bleeding
  • In women giving birth, medical abortion is painless. In nulliparas, minor pain can be observed, which need not be removed with drugs
  • Secondary infertility is excluded
  • There is absolutely no risk of contracting viral diseases, such as the immunodeficiency virus or hepatitis
  • The lowering of the hormonal load on the woman’s organism due to the fact that the interruption is performed at an early stage — can be applied from the first day of the delay. The deadline is 42-49 days (determined by the examination of the doctor). The earlier the procedure is performed, the higher its efficiency.

Prices of gynecological surgery

The essence of the procedure

  1. On preliminary consultation the doctor makes an inspection, performs ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs. With the help of it, the gestational age and the location of the fetus
  2. The necessary documents are issued
  3. In the absence of contraindications, the woman takes the drug (three tablets with the concentration of the active substance). Do not eat for two hours before taking the drug and within two hours after
  4. After the expiration of 1.5-2 days a woman should again come to the reception. Execution is carried out from the uterine cavity of the fetal egg. The patient takes prostaglandins and within 4-6 hours is in the clinic under the supervision of doctors. When very severe pain occurs, which happens in rare cases, an anesthetic drug is prescribed
  5. After 1-2 weeks a woman should come to the show. The doctor performs a control ultrasound. The visit period is determined.

Possible complications

As with all pharmaceuticals, side effects may develop. Therefore, it is important to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations and come to the consultation on time.

Contraindications for medical abortion

  • Extrauterine localization of pregnancy
  • Inflammatory processes in the organs of the small pelvis in the stage of exacerbation
  • Reception of glucocorticoids for a long time
  • Chronic adrenal insufficiency
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Severe extragenital pathologies.

It is important to remember that after a medical abortion, you need to be protected, since even before the first months after the procedure, the next pregnancy may occur.

Consultation of a gynecologist is possible by appointment.
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