Duplex scanning of blood vessels (DSBV)

Duplex scanning of veins of upper and lower extremities, AVICENNA MED, KievIt is the most informative diagnostic method, which consists of the usual ultrasound examination of the veins and arteries in real time and their dopplerography. DSBV helps doctors to not only evaluate the already developing disease, but also to recognize the earliest, sometimes almost imperceptible symptoms of pathological changes in the walls of large and small vessels, as well as the violation of the speed and direction of blood flow.

Duplex examination gives an idea of the external and internal characteristics of a particular area of the vascular system, which helps the phlebologist to accurately diagnose and select the most effective therapy. DSBV is absolutely safe and painless, this research method does not imply injections and excludes the impact of dangerous ionizing radiation.

Duplex scanning of the veins of the upper and lower extremities is assigned to patients with:

  • constant numbness of hands and feet, sensation of their chilliness and coldness;
  • periodic cramps in the hands and feet, especially at night. Appearance of swelling at the end of the day;
  • uncomfortable sensations in the calf muscles;
  • sensation of heaviness or tingling in the legs or hands;
  • the first symptoms of varicose veins on the legs: the detection of painful seals, the burning sensation and warmth in the vein, the darkening of the skin around the affected vein, the blue mesh, and the vascular asterisks;
  • fatigue while walking;
  • occurrence of unstable gait;
  • formation of small and not passing ulcers or wounds on the lower legs;
  • hypertension;
  • genetic predisposition to thrombosis;
  • absence of pulsation at the location of the vessel;
  • hypersensitivity of the extremities to low temperatures.

For people over 40 years of age, DSBV is recommended by the medical profession as an annual preventive examination. The first in the group of risk of development of vascular diseases of the upper and lower limbs are smokers, as well as those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat poorly. Diabetes mellitus and hereditary predisposition may also be the reason for the appointment of duplex scanning.

Ultrasonic dopplerography of the vessels of the upper and lower extremities allows the doctor to determine the first signs of such pathologies as:

  • Atherosclerosis — fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels;
  • vein thrombosis — the presence of dense blood clots on the walls of blood vessels, which at any time can come off;
  • local stretching and protrusion of the vessel walls-aneurysm;
  • inflammatory processes in the vessels — vasculitis;
  • varicose veins;
  • thrombophlebitis — inflammation of the vein wall with the formation of a thrombus closing its lumen;
  • flebotromboz — the formation of thrombotic layers in the lumen of the venous vessels;
  • stenosis of arteries — narrowing of the diameter of the lumen of the blood vessel;
  • the consequences of injuries affecting the condition of the vessels;
  • reduction of hypertension of vessel walls, loss of their elasticity;
  • decreased vascular patency;
  • change in speed and direction of blood flow.

How is the procedure for duplex scanning of the veins of the upper and lower extremities performed?

Duplex scanning is performed by a doctor for an average of half an hour. For this the patient is offered to lie down or sit in a medical couch. The specialist applies a special gel on the examination area, which improves the contact of the scanner with the skin, eliminating the air «pockets». Then the doctor carefully examines the problem area of the leg or hand with a scanner, watching the result of the procedure on a monitor.

How can a patient prepare for a duplex vessel scan?

The procedure does not require the patient to have a special preparation. Before the procedure the patient will have to remove jewelry, watches or metal hair clips.
Do not forget to take the results of previous similar studies with you if you have any.

Advantages of duplex scanning of veins of upper and lower extremities in the center of progressive medicine «Avicenna Med»:

  • modern high-precision equipment;
  • highly qualified doctors in the diagnostics department;
  • comfort, which is due to the lack of queues and the precise appointments;
  • compliance of all processes with the diagnostic standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • affordable price.

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