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Ophthalmologist Consultation

The ophthalmology department of the Avicenna Med Center for Progressive Medicine offers highly qualified medical care, diagnosis, surgical and conservative treatment of eye diseases, as well as individual preventive programs for taking care of your vision and the vision of all members of your family. Deterioration of vision is gradual, so very often its beginnings are not even noticed. After all, it is in the very early stages of deterioration that there is an opportunity to fix it radically. So you should have your vision checked periodically, especially if you begin to notice that your vision is getting worse. Ophthalmologists of the AVICENNA MED Clinic specialize in the modern approach to vision correction with optical aids up to innovative refractive surgery and cataract surgery. Full range of services in one center – diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation.

When is it necessary to visit an ophthalmologist?

An appointment with an ophthalmologist is necessary in the following cases:

  1. you feel pain in your eyes for no apparent reason;
  2. you can’t see objects up close or at a distance;
  3. photophobia and lacrimation appeared;
  4. spots or haze appear before the eyes;
  5. sandy-gritty sensation;
  6. dry eyes or, on the contrary, lacrimation;
  7. pus discharge in the eye area;
  8. redness of the whites of eye;
  9. various eye injuries.

Specialists of the AVICENNA MED clinic offer our patients the following diagnostic services:

  • Determination of visual acuity, selection of glasses and compound glasses.
  • Ophthalmoscopy (examination of the anterior and posterior parts of the eye, including the fundus).
  • Examination in transmitted light with an assessment of the level of transparency of the cornea, lens, vitreous humour and chambers of the eyes.
  • Measuring the angle of deviation, checking the eye muscle equilibrium.
  • Examination of the eyelids, conjunctiva and anterior segment of the eye with magnification (slit lamp).
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure.
  • Optical coherence tomography (a method to estimate different measures of the infrared light signal reflected from different structures of the eye in a cross-sectional vie). The resulting interference image is processed using special computer programs and interpreted by a specialist.
  • Corneal topography or corneotopography is a study to determine the corneal thickness without direct contact with the surface, which is especially relevant for corneal injuries or diseases such as corneal ectasia (progressive thinning of the cornea). Corneal topography is important before cataract surgery, such as calculating the curvature of an implantable lens, and in keratoplasty for corneal injuries.
Ophthalmologist consultation Kiev
Children's ophthalmologist in Kiev

On the basis of the medical center, the folloowing treatment is carried out:

  1. Treatment of all diseases by conservative methods
  2. Surgical treatment
    • Eyelids – blepharoplasty (plastic surgery on the eyelids), changes in the shape of the eye incision or canthoplasty, chalazion removal
    • Nasolacrimal canal — probing and bougaging, lacrimal point filling
    • Extraocular muscles — correction of strabismus
    • Corneas — refractive laser surgery to correct myopia, keratoconus by Cross-Linking method (exposure to a thinned cornea with riboflavin and ultraviolet rays, as a result of which it becomes stronger and thicker)
    • Glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure due to partial or complete blockage of the venous sinus of sclera)
    • Cataracts (loss of transparency of the lens due to its opacity)
    • Retina — vitreoretinal surgery of retinal pathology
    • Eye injuries — plastic surgery of the eyesockets

We are always happy to provide you with quality medical care!

To enrol for an appointment with an ophthalmologist at the Avicenna Med Center for Progressive Medicine, please choose from several options:
 contact us by phone +38(093) 333 52 62  or by filling out the online form on the website.

Together we will find a convenient way and time for your appointment, and our specialists will help you solve your health problems.