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Ultrasound of pelvic organs in men

Ultrasound of the pelvic organs in men, clinic AVICENNA MED

Ultrasonic examination of pelvic organs helps a doctor to simultaneously examine the health of the male reproductive and genitourinary systems for a single diagnostic procedure. Multifunctional screening using ultrasonic waves is safe for the patient even in the case of repeated repetition: the diagnosis has no contraindications and is characterized by high in formativeness and availability.

Ultrasound of the pelvic organs is prescribed for patients with preventive and diagnostic purposes. In the first case, the technique allows to block the course of the disease with timely treatment, pointing to the early stage of the development of the disease. In the second, an ultrasound study helps to clarify the diagnosis, and is also an effective way of observing intermediate results of therapy.

Ultrasound of the pelvic organs in men helps the doctor make meaningful conclusions:

  • The condition of the prostate gland, lymph nodes and soft tissues
  • The residual volume of urine in the bladder, the overall structure of the organ, the wall thickness
  • On possible changes in the structure of seminal vesicles
  • About the stages of inflammation in the genitourinary system
  • On the causes of infertility, erectile dysfunction
  • About the presence of neoplasms of benign (cysts, abscesses) and malignant (oncological tumors)
  • On the presence of foreign bodies (stones and sand) in the organs and channels of the genitourinary system (detection of urolithiasis)
  • On the shape, size, localization and structure of the prostate gland, the presence of pathological formations in the organ, the development of prostate adenoma
  • On the condition of the vas deferens.

Ultrasonic screening of pelvic organs becomes an obligatory diagnostic procedure for men over 45 years of age. With the preventive purpose, the attending urologist may prescribe a study every year.

Indications for US-diagnostics

Indications for the UZ-diagnosis of the genitourinary and reproductive system in men are the following complaints:

  • Violation of urination, accompanied by discomfort and pain
  • Incomplete emptying of the bladder, the remains of urine in the organ
  • False urge to urinate, difficulties in the process
  • Pulling pain in the perineum or in the lower abdomen, localized in the bladder
  • Pain in the lower back, kidney colic
  • Pain in the genitals, rectum, scrotum and other pelvic organs
  • Traces of bloody or purulent discharge in the urine or ejaculate
  • Suspicious discharge from the urethra, having an unpleasant odor and uncharacteristic color
  • Trauma of the pelvic organs
  • Problems with erection
  • Infertility
  • Pathology in the functioning of the genitourinary system
  • Suspicion of cancerous, purulent and benign neoplasms
  • Examination before planned surgical interventions on the kidneys, intestines, pelvic organs.

How pelvic ultrasound is done in men?

TRANSBDOMINAL US is carried out superficially through the anterior abdominal wall. During manipulation, the diagnostician examines the pelvic organs of a man with a special abdominal ultrasound transducer that slides over the abdomen. This manipulation is performed only if the man’s bladder is full. When the first part of the transabdominal examination is completed, the specialist asks the patient to empty the bladder. In the second half of the ultrasound screening, the diagnostician estimates the amount of urine remaining in the bladder at the end of urination. Information on the volume of residual urine is significant for an accurate diagnosis.
The procedure of transabdominal examination lasts about 10-15 minutes and does not give the man any uncomfortable feelings.

TRANSCRACTAL US (TRUS) is performed by a special sensor through the rectum of the patient. In comparison with transabdominal ultrasound examination, such diagnostics are more informative, it allows the doctor to get more information of pelvic organs and the presence of pathological changes. Transrectal ultrasound can diagnose an adenoma of the prostate gland or oncology at an early stage, even when the disease is still asymptomatic.
Transrectal ultrasound diagnosis lasts about 7-15 minutes and causes a minimum of discomfort.

Preparation of ultrasound diagnosis of pelvic organs for men

The transabdominal ultrasound test is done only with a filled bladder. The patient should drink minimum 1 liter of water before attending the test. The test can be done at any time during the day without any special diets.

Transrectal ultrasound examination of pelvic organs. Suggests cleaning of the intestine from stool before the procedure. The patient should attend a water or medicament enema. And also drink about 1 liter of fluid and refrain from urinating. TRUZI can be done at any time of the day, without any special diets.

Conducting ultrasound of pelvic organs for men in the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» has many advantages:

  • Modern high-precision equipment
  • Highly qualified ddoctors-diagnosticians and urologists
  • Comfort
  • Compliance of all processes with the diagnostic standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • Affordable price

To register for ultrasound of pelvic organs in men in the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» you can call:

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