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Plastic surgery

General information

Today plastic surgeons’ demand is steadily increasing. Men want to look more attractive, or women who want to look fresh and younger. Everyone wants to be confident in themselves and their appearance. Therefore, plastic surgery is performed more and more often at the request of a person, and not medical reasons. Fortunately the list of services of modern plastic surgeons is able to satisfy any requests. You can improve the contours of the face and body, remove something, or add something.
The possibilities are really limitless and it is a good opportunity to prolong youth, raise self-esteem and increase self-confidence.

Specialists of the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» are able to satisfy any wishes of visitors to improve their appearance.

Among the most popular services:

  • Plastic facial surgery. Lifting wrinkles, improving the contours of the face, correction of the ears, etc.
  • Plastic surgery of mammary glands. Recently one of the most popular procedures (reduction / increase in breast size, prosthetics after cancer-related diseases, skin tightening, treatment of gynecomastia in men).
  • Creation of a nipple-areolar complex. It is used after injuries and surgical interventions.
  • Plastic abdominal surgery. Despite the complexity of the operation, it is still quite in demand. Excess skin and fat deposits are removed. Women often resort to this procedure after pregnancy to improve the appearance of the anterior abdominal wall.
  • Lipofilling — transplantation of adipose tissue. It is quite a safe operation, because the patient’s own material is used.
  • Liposuction — removal of adipose tissue to correct the figure. It is not a way to treat obesity, because it does not eliminate the cause. A popular and often performed operation.
  • Removal of scars by the administration of drugs or silicone wafers, lipofilling, microdermabrasion, excision and so on. The choice of the method has many factors (size, shape, location, age of scar formation).
  • Intimate plastic surgery. It is used to change the shape of the labia and restore the hymen.

Plastic surgery in the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» is treatment and care at a high level.

The center has two operating rooms. All of them are equipped with the latest technology and are designed for operations in the most stringent sterile conditions. The inpatient department offers all its clients post-operative care at the highest level.
The center of progressive medicine «AVICENNA MED» is equipped with modern equipment and comfortable conditions in the wards. Doctors of the center are high-class specialists. You have the opportunity to get medical advice, go through the necessary diagnostics and carry out the operation itself in the most comfortable conditions in one single institution.

Take advantage of the services of the leading department of plastic surgery and sign up for a consultation!
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