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Doctor phlebologist, Kiev - clinic AVETSENNA MED

The Center of Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» successfully diagnoses and treats varicose veins of lower limbs of any degree and complexity at the European levels, uses innovative methods of treatment and high-precision equipment, consults qualified phlebology physicians. If you feel fatigue, pain and heaviness in your legs, you can see enlarged veins and a vascular network, trophic changes are observed, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

Symptoms of diseases

Vascular diseases of the legs begin, at first glance, with frivolous symptoms — the appearance of a vascular mark, tubercles under the skin. But later a feeling of heaviness, fatigue, swelling, and cramps in the muscles of calves are added. If you consult a doctor immediately when the first signs appear, then medication and exercise therapy may be quite effective. But pills, ointments and creams, unfortunately, are ineffective if the disease is progressing. Only timely and correctly selected treatment guarantees full recovery. It is important to remember that if the disease is severe, surgical intervention cannot be avoided.

The sphere of competence of a phlebologist includes:

  1. Phlebeurysm.
  2. Reticular varicose veins.
  3. Chronic venous insufficiency.
  4. Vascular network.
  5. Thrombosis.
  6. Trophic ulcers.
  7. Thrombophlebitis and others.

Methods of treatment

To select the optimal treatment tactics, ultrasound examination of the veins of the lower extremities is performed. In addition, even minimum changes in veins and blood vessels can affect the determination of the therapy regimen.
For a surgeon, it is very important to personally see the ultrasound picture in order to pick a correct tactic of treatment, even the slightest changes can significantly affect the choice of the method of treatment. There is an opportunity to assess the phase of the disease more objectively using a more gentle method of treatment.

The Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» applies:

  1. Radiofrequency ablation. A special electrode from the inside makes the vein «stick together» and the blood flow is eliminated. In this place in the future, connective tissue is formed. This method is very effective because it does not affect healthy tissues, but only affects affected ones.

    Safety of radiofrequency ablation is caused by such factors:

    • one electrode is used only in one patient;
    • the process is controlled by an ultrasound machine;
    • no risk of burns;
    • the operation is performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia.
  2. Phlebotomy — through small punctures with the help of modern instruments, large and small saphenous veins and their inflows are removed. This method is not highly traumatic and is also effective.
  3. Sclerotherapy — gluing of lumen of vessels by means of local administration of preparations. Removing small vessels, vascular network and reticular veins.

For the prevention of vascular diseases of the legs need to do not so much:

    1. Weight Control.
    2. Exercises and walking.
    3. Do not lean leg on leg.
    4. Do not wear shoes with heals above 5 cm.
    5. Get rid of bad habits.

Reception of the surgeon-phlebologist passes by appointment.
To register for an appointment with the doctor-phlebologist of the medical center «AVICENNA MED» you can call:

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