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One day surgery

General information

Until recently people associated the word «surgery» with extensive interventions, lengthy hospital stay, difficult recovery period, disability and other inconveniences. And of course psychological discomfort. Even a simple removal of appendicitis was accompanied by a long disability, as well as a rather large postoperative scar.
The intense rhythm of life of the modern man practically does not leave any free time. Not only for rest, but also for long-term treatment. Fortunately, the high level of development of medicine can satisfy any wishes of patients while maintaining the quality of therapy. This even applies to the most complex area — surgery.
Today the so-called one day surgery becomes more popular, which is when the patient does not remain in the hospital, and the postoperative recovery period takes place at home under outpatient supervision.

Advantages of outpatient surgery:

  1. Does not require hospitalization. Thanks to modern equipment and high qualification of doctors, the patient returns home the same or next day.
  2. General anesthesia and a large number of drugs are not needed.
  3. Small risk of complications.
  4. There is no need for round-the-clock monitoring by the medical personnel.
  5. The patient does not need to stay at the hospital (and if there is such a need, then this period is only a few days).
  6. Short recovery period.
  7. If you need to apply dressings, then you can do it without interrupting your daily routine.
  8. Saving money because there is no need to stay around the clock in the clinic.
  9. Undeniable psychological comfort.

Outpatient surgery is characterized by the fact that all manipulations are usually performed in one day — short preoperative preparation, local anesthesia, and surgery itself. In almost 100% of all cases the patient can move themselves and go home after a few hours.

Among the performed outpatient surgeries are:

  1. roctology — removal of hemorrhoids, polyps, anal fissures, opening of suppurations, treatment of acute paroproktic.
  2. Small surgery — removal of hematomas, abscesses, paronychias, phlegmon, panaritium, skin lesions, treatment of ingrown nails, fungal lesions, dissection of carbuncles and furuncles.

Ambulatory surgery in the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» provides:

  1. High-precision modern equipment.
  2. Qualified specialists, who adopt the experience of foreign colleagues and participate in international conferences.
  3. Comfortable conditions.
  4. Postoperative support.

To make an appointment with the doctors of the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» you can call:

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