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The medical center «AVICENNA MED» began its operation in the spring of 2017.
The clinic has a modern polyclinic department in which professionals of high class are employed. Here you can get advice from a gynecologist, urologist, surgeon, orthopedist-traumatologist, therapist, neurologist, cardiologist and other doctors.

The specialists of the polyclinic are doctors of the highest category who have a lot of experience in practical work. They constantly improve their skills and knowledge and follow the new developments.
Their well-coordinated work allows creating conditions that are comfortable for the patient and mentally adjusting them for a successful fight against the disease.

Modern equipment allows for high-quality ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics, ECG or endoscopic examination.
All of this together allows you to accurately establish the diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment which will contribute to a quick recovery.

Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» is open from 8.00 to 20.00 with a minimum number of days off!
Reception is conducted by appointments, which will save you time from waiting in line.
Our urological center is headed by a urologist of the highest category, Dr. Yussef Rami Mohammedovich, PhD.

Before you come to the medical center «AVICENNA MED», you should follow several recommendations:
  • Make an appointment by calling: [do_widget id=custom_html-29]
  • For successful and qualitative diagnosis, do not take strong painkillers before the consultation and examination, do not drink alcohol and do not eat meals that are heavy for digestion or spicy.
  • The main complaints, symptoms, their severity, time and place of appearance should be written down in order to provide the doctor with the most detailed information.
  • Do not forget to take with you your test results, medical history and available extracts.

We will be grateful if you let us know in case you are late or can’t make it to the appointment for any other reason.