In this section you can get acquainted with the prices for the services of the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED».

The administration of the clinic takes all measures for the timely update of the price list posted on the site, however in order to avoid possible misunderstandings, please specify the cost of services from the clinic administrators by phone:

+38(044) 337-90-30; +38(050) 100-34-02, +38(096) 100-34-02

*All prices are in US dollars. Payment is made in UAH at the official rate established by the NBU at the time of payment.

Consultations of specialists


Outpatient urology
Operative urology for grown-up
Operative urology for children

Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery


Outpatient Gynecology
Small gynecological operations and manipulations
Operative gynecology
Laparoscopic gynecological surgery
Plastic and aesthetic gynecology

Plastic surgery

Aesthetic surgery of mammary glands
Formation of a nipple-areolar complex
Lipofilling — fat transplantation
Lipofilling, re-introduction
Aesthetic abdominal surgery
Intimate plastic
Aesthetic facial surgery
Program of work with scars

Efferent therapy

Efferent therapy



Nursing manipulations and services

Taking material for the study
Nursing manipulations
Stay in hospital
Services on provision of medicines and materials

Diagnostical services

Ultrasound examinations
Electrocardiography (ECG)

Laboratory research

Biochemical blood tests
Indicators of lipid metabolism
Microelements and electrolytes
Rheumatoid Panel
General clinical researc
Hemostasis system
Microscopic examination
Viral hepatitis
TORCH — infections
Sexually transmitted infections
Diagnosis of diseases of the digestive tract
Other infections
Thyroid panel
Reproductive panel
Diabetes panel
Panel of osteoporosis
Cardiac biomarkers
Pituitary-adrenal parameters
Growth rates
Markers of inflammation
Prenatal diagnosis
Oncological markers
Autoimmune diseases
Bacteriological studies
Biocenosis of urogenital tract
Immunological research
Molecular genetic studies
Individual allergens
Tests for the presence of narcotic drugs
Pathohistological studies