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Modern standards of beauty are very tough. And many people try to make every possible effort to meet them. And for this, it is not always enough only to diet, exercise and reject bad habits. Often the way of life, the transferred diseases leave such an imprint on the human body, that you can improve the figure only with the help of plastic surgery.

If it is necessary to correct the appearance of the anterior abdominal wall, which could change due to various reasons, resort to abdominoplasty. The surgeon during the operation excises excess skin in the abdomen, deposits fatty tissue, corrects the waist muscles, and, if necessary, also removes umbilical hernia. To abdominoplasty resorts both women and men.


  1. Stretching of the anterior abdominal wall due to pregnancy.
  2. A sharp decrease in weight.
  3. Age changes in the waist muscles.
  4. Removal of scars and stretch marks.
  5. Elimination of the umbilical hernia.


  1. Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  2. Endocrinological pathologies.
  3. Disorders of the circulatory system.
  4. Infectious ailments.
  5. Oncological processes in the body.
  6. Vascular diseases.

If a woman plans a pregnancy in the future, abdominoplasty should be performed after delivery and after lactation.

How to prepare to the procedure?

After preliminary consultation and examination, the doctor gives directions for the necessary tests and examinations. If the results are normal, then follow the advice of an anesthesiologist and therapist. It is necessary to warn the doctor about medications taken.

The last meal before the procedure can be performed no later than 12 hours.

Types of operations

  1. Classical, when excess tissue and fat deposits are removed through one incision.
  2. Endoscopic. The doctor makes small incisions, so traumatization of tissues is minimal. Simultaneous liposuction is possible. Contraindications — hernia. Localization is the lower abdomen. With this kind of intervention, the divergence of the rectus abdominal muscles is eliminated, but tissues are not removed.
  3. Miniabdominoplasty. It is used only in the lower abdomen to improve its contour. It is possible to remove excess tissues.

Taking the operation

  1. Preparation for surgical intervention (anesthesia).
  2. Cuttings are performed, unnecessary tissues and excessive fatty deposits are excised.
  3. If necessary, the navel is formed.
  4. The surgeon sutures.

Recovery period

After abdominoplasty, the patient is provided with drainage systems for draining liquids, therefore it is important to be under the supervision of doctors for at least 2 days. Assign antibiotics, pain medications, etc. After the operation, you need to wear compression underwear. Limitation of physical activity — at least two months.

Risks and side effects

Abdominoplasty is a rather complicated operation. It is important to follow the recommendations of the doctor implicitly, so that the rehabilitation period is the most effective.

Abdominoplasty is not a method of treating obesity, because the cause of the problem is not eliminated. It makes sense to perform this operation if the weight in the future is stable and pregnancy is not planned.

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