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Breast lift

Breast lift, Kyiv - AVICENNA MEDOne of the most demanded plastic surgeries is a breast lift. In connection with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, the shape and size of the breast usually change significantly. Among other reasons — a sharp decrease in weight, hormonal problems, age changes, poor quality care for the skin of the breast. To restore a woman confidence in her beauty and improve or change the contours of her breasts, doctors perform mastopexy
Breast lift is an operative intervention, during which the surgeon excises excess skin and forms an areola and nipple in the right place, if necessary. Mastopexy refers to aesthetic surgery and its fulfillment depends only on the desire of a woman


  1. Asymetry of glands or ateoleic region.
  2. Omission nipples or breast tissue.
  3. Age-related changes in the elasticity of the skin and its tone.


  1. Oncological, infectious, endocrinological and cardiological pathologies.
  2. Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
  3. Venereal diseases.
  4. Breastfeeding during last year.

How to prepare for the procedure

After consulting and examining the mammalogist, the therapist, the surgeon, you need to undergo a test and take tests (blood test, breast ultrasound and others). When taking any medicines, it is important to inform the doctor about it. 12 hours before surgery, you should not eat.

Types of operations

There are three types to perform mastopexy, the choice depends on a set of factors — the degree of ptosis of the tissues (mammary gland dilation, which occurs as a result of stretching of the tissues, loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin), age and health status of the patient.
Suspension is:

  1. Periareolar. Effective in the first stage of tissue dilation. The skin around the areolas is excised, the tissues are sutured. The seam is almost invisible.
  2. Vertical. With a more significant ptosis of tissues, the skin over the areola and parallel along the edges are excised according to the predetermined markings. The seam remains vertical and barely visible.
  3. T-shaped. The cut resembles the shape of the anchor — from the areola downwards and along the crease under the breast horizontally. This method is effective when the tissues are strongly lowered. There remains a large enough seam.


Usually the mastopexy duration is about three hours:

  1. The doctor marks up.
  2. Performed anesthesia.
  3. Cuttings are made, excesses of tissues are excised.
  4. The gland is being modeled.
  5. The doctor puts the seams.

Recovery period

After surgery, the patient is 2-3 days under medical supervision. After 10-14 days the doctor removes the stitches.

About 1.5 months you need to wear compression underwear. At this time thermal procedures and physical exertion are excluded.

Risks and side effects

Possible loss of sensitivity areola and nipple. Bruises, scars, bruises, swelling can form.

To make an appointment with the doctors of the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» you can call:

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