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The operation of 3D laparoscopy - AVICENNA MED, Kiev

Laparoscopy is a method of diagnostic and surgical intervention, in which the examination or operation is carried out with the most gentle and less traumatic method. The doctor does not perform large, long healing incisions. The surgeon makes small punctures up to 1.5 cm. Through these incisions, the necessary instruments and a camera are inserted into the body, with the help of which the doctor observes his actions, performing the necessary manipulations.

At first, 2D-visualization was used, but it had many drawbacks. With the development of technology, a 3D technique appeared, which greatly facilitated the work of surgeons and increased the efficiency of manipulation.

Initially, the new technology was perceived by the patients with caution — it was hard to believe that through small incisions it is possible to carry out complex operations and use all the necessary tools. But time has passed, and 3D-laparoscopy has proved itself only from the positive side. It is characterized by low traumatic, short recovery period and good performance. Therefore, surgeons try to use 3D-laparoscopy in the maximum possible number of cases.

Today, 3D laparoscopy is still unique for Ukrainian medicine. Equipment is very expensive, specialists who own this technique, too little. Therefore, the appeal to the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the unique European high-end technology.

Advantages of 3D laparoscopy:

  1. Low traumatism.
  2. Almost excluded abundant blood loss.
  3. A good cosmetic effect, since there are no large scars and scars.
  4. Infectious complications develop less often.
  5. Below is the pain syndrome, because less trauma.
  6. Short recovery period.
  7. Greater psychological comfort.

The development of 3D laparoscopy began in Germany. Of course, the first systems were far from those devices that are used today. To visualize a quality picture, the doctor wears special glasses, like in a movie theater, and receives a clear three-dimensional image. This approach allows you to see the location of organs and systems as realistic as possible, or more precisely to estimate distances and volume. Thus, images obtained from different instruments with the help of 3D glasses are connected and give a very accurate picture.

In order to achieve such results, a tremendous work of researchers, engineers and doctors was carried out. Only joint cooperation has made it possible to develop such a technology, thanks to which today thousands of successful operations are carried out without complications and risks. And now 3D-laparoscopy — one of the most popular methods of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

The Center for Progressive Medicine AVICENNA MED is equipped with the modern German 3D laparoscope KARL STORZ. This device greatly simplifies the work of the surgeon and makes it possible to get really amazing results of the operation.

The specialists of the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» have the necessary knowledge and skills in working with a 3D laparoscope. They will provide advice, perform the necessary examinations and laboratory tests.

3D laparoscopy has proven itself in the diagnosis and treatment of urological, gynecological, gastroenterological and other diseases.

To make an appointment with the doctors of the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» you can call:

+38(096) 290-03-95

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