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Disport. Combating aging skin injection methods

Treatment of skin aging with the help of injections. AVICENNA MED, Kyiv

Today, youth is a resource. Therefore, both men and women want to look well-groomed, smart and younger than their years. On the appearance of a person pay attention and when meeting, and with further communication. That is why in our days, injection maintenance of the skin in tone is so popular. After all, this method is very effective, but at the same time almost safe.

Everyone understands that confidence in their beauty gives a person an inner sense of happiness, which in turn attracts success, luck and inspires confidence in oneself. And with age, accumulated experience, experienced stress, malnutrition, constant negative influence of the environment, the skin ages, thinens, loses its tone, wrinkles appear. This cannot please.

Fortunately, modern medicine is constantly evolving and offers a variety of ways to solve the problems of skin aging. And, as mentioned above, the safest and least painless invasive methods are injections.

With the help of beauty injections, you can not only smooth wrinkles, but also change the shape of the lips, add volume to them. For this purpose, use «Disport» (Botox). These preparations are based on purified and albumin-bound botulin toxin type A. This substance suppresses transmission to the muscle from the nerve end of the nerve impulse. And thus, the muscle loses mobility for 5-8 months.

Among the benefits of beauty injections are harmlessness, safety and speed of execution. For therapeutic purposes, «Dysport» (Botox) has been used in pediatrics and neurology for more than 10 years, where he has proved himself very well. The main thing is to remember that it is important to apply to highly qualified specialists who use only high-quality and tested drugs in the right dose. It is not necessary to pursue a low price — usually it is the services of inexperienced or novice cosmetologists using means of questionable quality.

With the help of injections, you can correct the shape of not only the lips, but also improve the contours of the face. This is called filling (contour plastic). Preparations fillers fill the skin defects, and the relief becomes more even. Filling perfectly solves the problem of horizontal wrinkles on the neck and deep nasolabial folds.

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