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Intimate plastic

Intimate plastic. AVICENNA MED, Kyiv

A handsome man is beautiful in everything. And today the level of development of medicine offers consumers services to meet any needs.
If a woman has dissatisfaction with the appearance of the genitals, then adjust their shape and increase sexual attractiveness will help intimate plastic.

Performed procedures of plastic surgery

Among the procedures performed by specialists of the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED»:

  1. Ability to restore the hymen (hymenoplasty).
  2. Dissection of the hymen (surgical defloration).
  3. Plastic labia (labioplasty).

Indications for hymenoplasty — loss of virginity after a sports injury or by negligence, religious or aesthetic views. Contraindications — gynecological and chronic diseases of other etiology.

Hymenoplasty can be short-term (carried out a few days before the expected defloration) and long-term (the result persists for several years). The restored hymen cannot be distinguished from the real.

With the help of labioplasty, you can improve the look of the genital organs, eliminate defects after injuries (for example, postpartum). Contraindications — gynecological and venereal diseases.
The plasticity of the labia majora provides for their increase or decrease. The increase occurs by transplanting your own fat tissue (lipofilling) or introducing biogels. Reduction of large labia occurs through tissue excision or liposuction.

The plasticity of the labia minora usually implies their decrease. If necessary, increase the biogel.

On average, the operation lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on the situation, general or local anesthesia is used.

In the postoperative period, puffiness, pain during walking, minor hemorrhages are possible. It is important to treat seams with antiseptics, do not consume alcohol and do not perform thermal procedures. Physical stress is also worth limiting. On average, there will be no trace of intervention in a month.

To make an appointment for plastic surgeons of the Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» you can call:

+38(096) 290-03-95

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