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Diagnosis and treatment of varicocele - AVICENNA MED, Kiev

The pathological expansion of veins in the spermatic cord and testicle is called varicocele. Typically, the disease is detected in children and adolescents 12-14 years. It is noteworthy that the localization is predominantly left-handed. Usually, the ailment does not manifest itself in any way and is found on a preventive examination. But this is the danger — for varicose testicles inflammation develops, which can lead to further infertility.

Causes of varicocele

The main cause of varicose veins is an increase in venous pressure. It provokes the stretching and plexus of the blood vessels, as a result of which the blood flow is broken, the testicles accumulate blood, the temperature rises. This leads to a decrease in sperm production, impotence and subsequently to infertility.
The disease my develop in older patients. Usually varicocele is observed against the background of the appearance of tumors (mainly in the kidneys due to a violation of blood flow).
Do not forget about heredity, because it is possible predisposition to weakness of the walls of venous vessels. This is evidenced by venous expansion of veins and heart failure in family members.

Among the causes of varicocele development are high blood pressure in the scrotum and abdominal cavity (which can be provoked by constipation or prolonged physical activity) and thrombosis.

Symptoms of the disease

There are four stages of the disease.

  1. Stage 1. The illness is detected by the doctor on a routine examination, since there are no external manifestations, no symptoms.
  2. Stage 2. There are drawing pains in the groin and scrotum during exercise. Modified veins can be palpated in a standing position.
  3. Stage 3. The scrotum increases, hangs or deforms, changes in the veins of the testicle and spermatic cord.
  4. Stage 4. Constant aching pain, the testicle decreases in size, its density is reduced, deformity of the scrotum continues.

Diagnosis of varicocele

The complexity of diagnosis in the early stages is associated with an asymptomatic course of the disease. After examining the urologist, ultrasound examination of the scrotum and spermogram.

Treatment of varicocele

The Center for Progressive Medicine «AVICENNA MED» uses modern methods of treatment varicocele. In any case, when making this diagnosis, surgical intervention can not be avoided. And the sooner it is fulfilled, the better. The specialists of the clinic have the necessary knowledge and skills and will perform a qualitative operation without the risk of complications.

One of the most popular ways to eliminate varicocele is the excision of the seed vein by an innovative method of 3D laparoscopy. It is performed with small incisions, which causes low traumaticity, reduces risks during surgery, shortens the duration of the recovery period.

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